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Past and Present: Ten Iconic Blondes

The saying goes that "blondes have more fun," and from the days of Hollywood's Golden Age to the revolutionary 1960s to present day, blondes have been setting trends and most certainly having fun along the way. But blondes don't just have fun; they also make history.

Fall Into Color with the Vibrant Shades of the Season

One of the most popular hair trends this season is vibrant, colorful, wearable hair. A sleek, violet pixie with trendy, asymmetrical fringe, or a stunning red pixie with multi-toned under panels and side swept fringe are just two of the latest crazes at Michael's Salon & Spa of Dayton, Ohio.

London's Calling Color Rebel Contest

Are you a color rebel? Have an idea for the next big color craze?
Create the next big trend in haircolor (i.e. the evolution of ombre) using Redken Color and you could be on your way to London in February for the 2014 Symposium.

Grand Prize Includes:

Guest Blogger: When Was The Last Time, You Did Something For The First Time?

A great hairdresser named Nicholas French often says, “When was the last time, you did something for the first time?" Another great hairdresser, John Simpson, often reminds us to strive for perfection, and when we achieve it start over. And, Yosh Toya reminds us that if we know so much that our glass is full, we need to empty it to learn more.

Elements of Color: Earth, Air, Fire and Water with Pravana VIVIDS

Stylist Liz Kidder drew inspiration from the natural elements, earth, air, fire and water, to create stunning, colorful representations using Pravana VIVIDS. According to Kidder, the gorgeous looks were made possible by "Pravana's stunning fashion colors… There are endless color combinations that [you] can use to create any look [your] client desires.

Transitioning Brunettes for Fall

Fall is a time to check in on BRUNETTES! There’s nothing worse than a bleached-out sun-faded brunette in fall – and definitely not the walking advertisement most are looking for.

PBA Web Series: Building and Maintaining a Client Base

Building and maintaining a client base is crucial in the professional beauty industry. However, many professionals don't know how to get started or what it takes to develop and cultivate a client base.

A World of Color: The "Colombre" Technique

Brightly colored hair no longer means rebellion. These days, rainbow hair is experiencing a surge of popularity on runways and celebrities alike. Take the look to the streets and help expand your clients’ color options with the most wearable rainbow look yet.

Scruples 2013 Symposium Recap

Check out a video of the Scruples 2013 Symposium, featuring Indie Hair. The runway show and following cocktail party highlighted everything from natural-looking, every day hairstyles, to bold, whimsical looks to beautifully bright color. See the recap below!

Over the Rainbow for Rainbow-Colored Hair

Celebrities everywhere are embracing the rainbow-colored hair trend, as seen recently on stars such as Ke$ha, Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora and Azealia Banks. The look appeared on New York Fashion Week runways this fall, including Rodarte, Fendi, and Givenchy, and ranged from solid bright blues and oranges, to multi-colored dip-dyed locks, to more subtle pops of purple and green.