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Hair Color Tips: Claudio Lazo's 2013 Trend Forecast

Celebrity hairdresser and owner of C The Salon in Studio City California, Claudio Lazo shared some of his top secret hair tips and tricks for 2013! A seasoned veteran in the beauty industry and an ambassador for Wella and Sebastian, Claudio has an uncanny knack for predicting the unexpected. This keen sense has afforded him the opportunity of recently collaborating with designers Michael Kors and Nicole Richie, among others, as key hairstylist for their recent fashion shows.

Color will play a big part in 2013! Stepping away from the general low or highlights, Claudio says we are going to see a lot more people getting a bit daring experimenting with subtle hues of blue, burgundy, pink, violet, purple and even pastels! Nothing over the top, but just enough to give that interesting dash of personal flare. This new trend in color will go hand-in-hand with the Geometric cuts that Claudio foresees coming into play in the New Year.

What does the guru of color have to say about at- home-coloring? BEWARE! “I don’t recommend it,” he says, “it makes for corrective expenses later.” Over-processing is the culprit of hair color misshape.

If your client visits you for a color correction, Claudio recommends these resuscitating tips: Encourage your client to use the right conditioner! If your client is on a budget, they can use a low cost shampoo and splurge on a great conditioner. He suggests adding vitamin E to the conditioner and massaging it into hair for upwards of 20 minutes.


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