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Patrick McIvor Guest Blog: Mixing It Up With Better Color

So it has been a bit of time since I have been out on the road sharing ideas with haircolor. That doesn't mean I have been away from teaching and sharing ideas about haircolor altogether. I have been teaching at ARROJO Cosmetology for the last 2 years and have had a series of sold out classes at our education facility in Nazareth, PA, at 101 Center Education. If you weren't at either of those places, then I haven't shared haircolor ideas in an education environment since 2013 —which seems crazy because that’s a long time!

This year I am so excited to be back at The America's Beauty Show with Cosmetologist Chicago and offering my first color class open to anyone. No matter what color is in your bowl or what guests are in your chair, Mixing It Up - Color Formulation will work for you. This class is designed to share some of my tips, tricks, and secrets that are easy to add to the success you are already having with your guests, while adding the experience you create.

From simple seasonal adjustments, to dimensional glazing, ideas to remove fashion/party colors and more, Mixing It Up focuses on ideas that create remarkable color experiences with minimum investment of time and many times no additional investment of money.

I love doing things that both correct the hair and make the hair better at the same time. For example, I like using conditioner and foil during a tint back and then glazing the lightened hair for a dimensional correction. Or you can use “anchoring” to make adjustments to guest formulas, from seasonal adjustments, to depth, lightness, tone and even pH. Knowing where to get what you want is the secret to this success. Another tip is using glazing for dimension, gradation, shadowing and even pops of color without having to schedule extra appointment time. These ideas are designed to work smarter, not harder while exponentially increasing the experience.  I’ll even be sharing  ideas like using oil to remove staining colors from the hair.

Stylists that are mixing it up for their guests, find they have lots of guests who have constantly evolving beautiful color, and they can do this without losing who the guest is and the beauty of their hair.  Without mixing it up, many stylists and their guests can find themselves in a rut, or even looking for guests. The key today for many guests with beautiful color is that they look forward to having their hair cared for and having fun, instead of the maintenance of doing the same thing. Clients want something better, something different and something to look forward to next time.  

So, I look forward to sharing with you in Chicago some of my ideas for haircolor and I look forward to sharing some of those ideas right here next month.  After 2 packed classes in New York at the International Beauty Show, it is great to be back on the road and I hope to see you. --Patrick McIvor