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Recreate Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Haircolor

Lady Gaga's haircolor was on point for her big moment at the Super Bowl thanks to stylist Frederic Aspiras.

“Earlier this week after we aligned on the style; we touched up her blonde to ensure it was bright for this big night,” said Aspiras. “I used Light Master mixed with Matrix BOND Ultim8, which protected her hair bonds and prevented damage during the processing. I love it because it doesn't take any extra time, you can just add it to your color formula! We also dip dyed her ends a pastel pink with Matrix Color Sync Watercolors."

“For [her Super Bowl] performance, we had to ensure her flowing hair tendrils stayed flowing and in place,” Aspiras added. “It is important to know how to layer your hair products and Matrix products make it very easy for you to do that.”

Recreate Lady Gaga's gorgeous blonde:

Lightener Formula:
Two scoops Light Master & 2 ½ oz. 20 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer & BOND Ultim8 Step 1
Formula A:
1 ½ oz. Color Sync SPGV & 1 ½ oz. 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer & BOND Ultim8 Step 1
Formula B:
1 ½ oz. Color Sync Clear & ¼ oz. 10P & ¼ oz. Watercolors Quartz Pink & 2 oz. 10 Volume
MATRIX Cream Developer & BOND Ultim8 Step 1


  1. Apply Lightener formula approximately one to two inches off scalp to create a shadow base. Lighten to pale yellow or up to 50 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Cleanse and towel dry.
  2. Next, melt two formulas together by applying Formula B to the mid-lengths and Formula C to the ends, process up to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply BOND Ultim8 Step 2 and process for 10 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and condition with Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.

Image courtesy of Matrix