Vibrant Energetic Color Inspired by Nature

Goldwell Regional Artistic Team member Michelle Vance created this amazing energetic look using rebel colors within nature. Her inspiration came from the vibrant colors of sunsets, feathers, and the desert using fashion colors that come from nature with Goldwell products like SilkLift. Here’s her step-by-step on how to achieve this look.

Hair Transformation Formulas:

From Dull Box Color to Dimensional Shine

Marie Ferro explains how she transformed a box color disaster from flat and dull to shiny and dimensional."Her hair had no dimension and color variation. It was a solid flat blackish tone with no shine, as the quality of store color is poor," explains Ferro.

First, Ferro used Malibu C's Color Prepare to clean the canvas.

Bright and Dimensional Red Hair Color by Cynthia Lumzy

Cynthia Lumzy, owner of My Alter Ego Salon in Dixon, Illinois, loves to push the envelope with unique, edgy looks and cuts. "Whether bold and visual or soft and obscure with a hint of allure upon discovery, it is as if everything I see is if I am looking through a prism.

Beautiful Melting Into Fall Hair Color

Fall just might be the most inspirational season for colorists, so just melt right into it with this beautiful fall color formula from Rosa Hawkins, owner of Di Rosa Haircare New York.

Melting into Fall

Background: 30 ml. Goldwell Topchic 5bg and 10 ml. Goldwell Topchic 4g

With 20 Volume.

Color How To: Diana by Ale Bonilla

Color How To: Diana by Ale Bonilla


Artist: Ale Bonilla  |  Salon: Esoterica Studios, Inc.  |  Photography: Tom Carson

Video: How to Apply Balayage and Ombre Hair Color

Want to avoid "chunky" highlights or severe bleached ombre? American Board Certified Haircolorist Teresa Reagor demonstrates how to apply soft balayage and ombre color that naturally blends with the rest of hair. See her video below!

Hair Styles Tips: Coloring Grey Hair

Coloring grey hair can be challenging – finding the balance between making a guest look youthful without making them look too young takes skill. Joi Rooks, KMS® California Artistic Team Member and owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA) shares tips and tricks.

Hair Styles How To: Bring Light Blondes Back to Their Natural Color

With the weather cooling down, some light summer blondes will request to go back to their natural hair color. However, it's not always simple to keep newly darkened strands dimensional and fresh, especially since bleached out hair can over-absorb dye. Take a peak at Teresa's three-minute tutorial for the best way to go about darkening blonde.

Hair Color How To: Peach and Cyan Blue Highlights

Is your client looking for a little color? Teal and orange tones are a hot combination! PRAVANA Artistic Educator Consuelo Barajas shows the step-by-step for designing this vibrant 'do.

Step 1: Retouch First

Hair Color Tips: Color Correction Made Easy

Remove unwanted artificial hair color and re-color hair all in the same day with PRAVANA’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor. This safe and simple system gently removes any oxidative color without affecting the natural base color of the hair in five easy steps.